Bisanzio (Cow Leather)

Bisanzio leather is truly unique, especially when illuminated, as its rustic metallic surface reflects light in a mesmerizing display.

This captivating effect highlights its distinctiveness, showcasing a blend of rugged charm and refined opulence.

Pueblo (Cow Leather)

"Pueblo leather" typically refers to a type of leather with a distinct, textured appearance. It is often characterized by a natural, rugged look that showcases the grain and imperfections of the hide.

Pueblo leather is known for its durability and unique aesthetic, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a more rustic and authentic feel in their leather products.

The leather is often minimally treated, allowing its natural characteristics to shine through. Its cool factor lies in the combination of a raw, unrefined appearance and the resilience associated with high-quality leather.

Alran Sully (Goat Leather)

Alran Sully, the rockstar of goat leather, doesn't play by the traditional aging rules.

It's the rebel in the leather world, flaunting a bold statement- no patina, no aging drama. A leather that stands the test of time without a single wrinkle, maintaining its sleek and edgy vibe.

Alran Sully isn't just leather; it's a commitment to a forever-cool, consistently badass look in your prized possessions.

Crocodile Skin

Crocodile skin is renowned for its unique scales, arranged in mesmerizing patterns that captivate the eye.

Each scale is distinct, creating a tapestry of natural artistry that sets it apart from other materials.

These scales not only contribute to the skin's visual appeal but also convey a sense of strength and resilience.

Whether adorning designer accessories or accentuating high-end furnishings, crocodile skin's intricate scales embody sophistication and exclusivity, making it a coveted symbol of luxury.

Zermatt Leather

"Zermatt Leather" designed specifically for use as a lining material for watch straps. Its plush texture ensures a soft and comfortable feel, even during extended wear. The leather is resistant to water and sweat, making it well-suited for hot and humid climates, such as that of Singapore.